Jul. 20th, 2012

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For anyone who doesn't know me, I'm Wednesday Lee Friday, or [personal profile] wednes to the blog savvy. I'm a horror novelist, zombie correspondant, interviewer, opinionated progressive, and mistress of all things disturbing.

I began this blog with John because he's witty, smart, and resides "across the pond" as they say. Isn't it just like someone from the UK to refer to a fucking ocean as a pond? Yeah, it totally is.

I'm rather a gringo when it comes to places like Britain or Scotland. I don't travel. I speak one language fluently. I've been fascinated by British imports since my Uncle Rich gave me his copy of Sgt Pepper, roundabout 1975. Since then I was introduced to Monty Python, The Young Ones (thank you Mtv in the 80's), Doctor Who (I started with Tom Baker), and then later, Harry Potter, Spaced, and pretty much anything Rik Mayall is into.

As I absorbed Brit shows and modern Brit lit, I was often struck by how many phrases the Brits use that make a ton more sense than the American hodgepodge we still have the audacity to refer to as English. American English is truly the mutt of languages. It's a Borgesque assimilation of everything in its path. And once we yoink thinks from other cultures, we typically mispronounce them. Eventually, we develop the cojones to tell the originators that they're doing their own thing wrong, when we really mean we're used to the things we Americanized. Don't believe me? Go to Italy and order a pizza.

John and I hope to converse about popular culture and language, comparing and contrasting two countries who agree that red, white, and blue are the ideal colors for a flag.


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